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Campaign Specific Changes to Golarian ( Pathfinder base setting):

  • Winter Is Coming…. and.. gone" – the world is recovering from an ice age
  • Post Apocalypse (player knowledge):
    The setting is post-(magical)apocalypse, though almost no one currently alive knows this. Thus, many of the fantasy ‘tropes’ – ruins of lost civilizations, artifacts, an ‘arcane’ language of spells and runes, alien-dimension outsiders, and ‘mutant’ descendants; including empowered ‘bloodlines’; are core to the world’s history- and so created the present state.
    Many of the Immortals lost their mortality in these events – the true immortals have no physical form – mortal is physical, and vice versa. This is part of why the immortals use pawns.
  • Ascension / Corruption
    Magic isn’t to be taken for granted – it is fire, uranium, dynamite, steam, a sharp two edged sword – handling it begs caution.
    An underlying tenet of my game is that use of supernatural force has an effect on the vessel. This is true of divine magic , nature magic, and ‘arcane’ magic. Many of the races are not, as I mentioned, natural to this world. Many of those are not natural to ANY.


  • Races, Peoples, Tribes, Nations (link)
    There are many more peoples and languages than a standard Pathfinder game – there is a ‘common’ trade pidgin -it is not a true language, and documents are written for those few literate souls, in the language of the local scholars and trader-accountants. Individual ‘nations’ of people tend to be small with their own language or dialect.

Main Page

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